Photos: Ethan Duffy

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Imbue combines projected film created by Ethan Duffy and live movement chreographed by Tom Bowes performed by Jenny Reeves.

The piece follows a female dancer as she enters a metaphorical room. We watch as she explores the room's contents and familiarises herself with past happenings.

The piece was first presented as a work in progress at Manchester Dance Consortium's platform 0.3 in Piccadilly Place. This sharing offered a unique opportunity for the audience to actively engage with the piece by sharing feedback to shape the development of the work.


"- Love it, beautiful. Accomplished and slick.

- Choreography delicate and beautiful, a pleasure to watch.

- The choreography and film work is great, the dancer is



Imbue was performed at Platform GM2I at The

University of Roehampton in London and in

Word of Warning's Turn at Manchester's Contact.