Long & Short of It

Permanent state of collapse, like a relationship.

Catch me, hold me, don’t fight me. Chase me, follow me.

Can the music get any more beautiful?

Now courageous with a Hollywood pose, now strong for each other.

He’ll leave her in the end.


Words by Michelle Dee

Tom Bowes and Jenny Reeves are currently researching Long & Short of It, a duet choreographed and performed by the duo.


A sharing of early research was performed in Turn at Manchester's Contact theatre. Turn is a two-day micro-festival of new North West danceworks showcasing the work of 20 dance artists.


The platform is co-produced by hÅb, Contact and Dance Manchester and presented by Word of Warning and Contact.

[Long & Short of It] is for me and many others I spoke to, the most stylish of the night. The most technically proficient maybe or perhaps the one, that when you see it you just get that feeling that you are watching performers, that just have a natural gift for dance. I loved every minute, from the opening, where we find him leaning on her. She is propping him up supporting him, being the force that moves him. There’s a sideways dive, repeated more than once, as Jenny Reeves arms pointing straight out, throws herself across Tom and it works, it just really works.

You can feel the passion the connection between the two, from the back row of the theatre. The teasing description ‘You may be able to see us in blackout. We’re ready to begin’ gives no hint of the intricate enmeshed and stylish choreography that explores co-dependency and the dysfunctional relationship.

Michelle Dee's review from Turn 2016:

Photo: Ellen Turner